Write a slogan on air pollution

Environment Pollution Easy English May 1, Uncategorized Leave a comment Nature, land, air, water, plants and all other things around us in which we live are called environment. Any abnormal change in chemical, physical and biological characteristics in environment is called the environment pollution. At present, our environment is getting polluted every moment.

Write a slogan on air pollution

The dictionary definition of pollution is to make air, water, soil, etc. The main forms of pollution are air, water, soil, noise thermal and radioactive waves. It is a man-made problem mainly caused by human waste material, release of poisonous gases and other chemical pollutants from the industry, agricultural pollutants like pesticides, and chemical fertilizers, pollutants by automobiles and dumping of chemical and nuclear wastes, etc.

It has led to a worldwide environmental crisis. In many ways, it has changed both the individual and social ways of life. The main sources of air pollution in India and elsewhere are mineral dust and gases, automobiles, thermal power plants and industries.

Any contamination in the air may not only cause many diseases and loss of vision but can also disturb the whole atmospheric system. Air pollution can also cause acid rain which damages soil, vegetation and aquatic life of the region.

The heavy use of automobiles causes pollution and smog from automobile emissions. This has become a serious problem in almost all the countries—developed and developing. The bad urban air bums the eyes, damages lung tissues and increases the levels of lead and other poisons in the human body and agricultural products.

It is not known how many deaths occur nationally because of air pollution. Air pollution caused massive smog in London in killing some 4, people. Contamination of water from any external source that makes it harmful to life is known as water pollution.

With the fast industrial development and modem civilization, the problem of water pollution is increasing day by day.

The major sources of water pollution are domestic effluents, agricultural effluents, sewage disposal, industrial wastes, radioactive wastes and oil leakages, etc. All the Indian rivers, including the holy river Ganga, have become highly polluted today.

Even, the Ganga Action Plan to control its water from pollution has not been proved successful. The impact of water pollution is widespread. It causes many severe water-borne diseases, such as diarrhea, trachoma, intestinal norms, hepatitis, jaundice, etc.

Oil is the major pollutant of the sea water. Huge tankers routinely dump oil into the sea. This act of dumping poisons smothers or coats sea plants and animals and kills them. All sounds are not noise. Noise is any sound that is unwanted and goes beyond its certain limit, i.

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More and more noise is the creation of modern civilization and has now become a major environmental pollutant, specially in urban areas. The most notable effect of noise pollution is on hearing. At the higher levels, it may lead to physical and psychological damage.

There is evidence that noise is one of the major causes of stress and anxiety. It also causes headaches and irritability. It may also affect blood pressure and heart beat. Air, water and noise pollutions are very common which are creating havoc for all types of life. They have disastrous transnational consequences.Air Pollution Slogans Posted in: Environment Slogans and Sayings | Tagged: pollution quotes, pollution sayings, pollution slogans | 31 Comments These clever Air pollution slogans and sayings will get some attention and discourage the pollution of air.

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59 Great Air and Water Pollution Campaign Slogans. Aug 23, Share on Facebook. Air pollution is main cause of several respiratory diseases. Go here to see some more slogan examples and find out the perfect slogan formula for creating a catchy slogan that brings in more customers.

Air Pollution Slogan. Don’t inhale toxic air; it will make your lungs dustbin.

write a slogan on air pollution

Polluting air is not fair; it will put you all on bed. Polluting air is not fair; save trees to breathe fresh. You have spread air pollution then who will search for right solution.

Slogans on Air Pollution - Best and Catchy Slogan