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It is not sufficient to treat disease by addressing only the physical symptoms that display in the body. In order to achieve greater balance and well-being it is essential to look deeper into the root of what ails us and to see where there is stagnation mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually. I believe that an important piece of the wellness puzzle lies in our creativity and our ability to express ourselves fully. This article approaches the wellness conversation from an intersection of creative expression and maintaining a balanced energy system in the body.

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Free Myers Briggs Assessment Thank you to our sponsors: Sep 05, Action Alleviates Anxiety A few years ago a sleep doctor asked me for how much of my life I had been hyper-vigilant. I had never thought about myself or my worry this way. I sat quietly and thought for a moment and then clearly and immediately knew the exact age.


I was 8 was when I started trying to stay awake all night in case we were robbed. I woke up screaming nightly, convinced I heard someone moving our kitchen table across the linoleum floor cause robbers usually go for kitchen tables first?? It became such an obsession that my mom eventually took me to a child psychologist to see why I might be so preoccupied with these intrusive thoughts.

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Today, I have other obsessions and intrusive thought patterns. As of late, they have been mostly related to sending my child off to kindergarten. While I am ridiculously excited to see him leaping toward this next step with his eyes and heart wide open, I am in deep mourning that we are closing the door on a chapter of our lives that has exploded and exposed my mind and heart to the world in ways I never thought possible.

This transition has my anxiety all sorts of fired up and ready for action. In this episode, I share a recent event that put me over the edge and my top three tactics that help me keep my anxiety manageable in these tender and trying times of my life.

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To all you Shameless Moms who are also blessed with the gift of worry, you are not alone. I am with you.

Thank you to our sponsors: Sep 03, Redefining Sex And Intimacy Affectionately called, "Chief Libido Officer" and "Husband Whisperer" by her participants and coaching clients, Janna not only helps married women take sex off their to-do lists but shows couples how to transform conflict into connection in 5 seconds or less!

When she isn't working from her garden shed office, you can find her having a beach fire with her husband and their two daughters or curled up with a book about the male brain.

Listen in to hear her share: Why the culture around sex is changing for the better Causes of low libido in women and why your low libido has nothing to do with you.As I started writing this blog, a little voice said, As you keep upleveling your experience, you become more distinctly aware of your own Uniquesness and at the same your own inner connection to All That Is.

It is as simple as shifting awareness to above the cloud cover. Host Natalie Eckdahl, MBA is a coach to high performing women.

She is married with three children ages Natalie helps women entrepreneurs own their role as CEO through her business trainings, on air coaching calls and expert interviews. Writing an effective press release requires certain skills, and there are dos and don’ts to the process. This same upleveling of experience is happening digitally.

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of President Trump. Learn how to make a vision board easily.

upleveling writing a cover

Creating the right vision board can help you unlock dreams, goals, and successes in your life. Find great deals on eBay for cover story writing. Shop with confidence.

Tips on writing an impressive cover letter: Research Before you begin writing your cover letter, thoroughly research what the company does, the key characteristics of the job you are applying for, and the company culture. Upleveling Your Business Before you can up-level and leverage your time, you need to make sure you have all your foundational pieces in place – otherwise you . I get email requests to cover this topic all the time, and Tricia is the perfect person to help walk us through it. She is the founder of Heal Your Hunger, is an internationally acclaimed author, motivational speaker, and emotional eating expert, and has helped hundreds of .

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upleveling writing a cover

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