Topics to write a blog post about webinar

So stick with me here. And I will show you a list of blog post ideas that will most likely make your blog more interesting.

Topics to write a blog post about webinar

Brandon Weaver Tell me if this sounds familiar: You plan your content calendar months ahead of time with a variety of topics for your team to write. But after looking at your content calendar, you learn the topics being covered are repetitive and getting stale.

The question then becomes: Both B2B and B2C companies see an increase in traffic the more frequently they publish: So how can you as a blogger, content writer, or content marketing manager brainstorm and develop great blog topics continuously?

Want even more ways to brainstorm? Download our free checklist with 47 ways to come up with new post ideas! Write about what interests you in your personal life music, sports, movies, cooking, traveling, etc.

19 Ideas That Will Inspire a Years Worth of Blog Post Topics

Click To Tweet Movies and sports have always been my biggest passions: Example One of my personal interests is football, and my company Instapage provides a user-friendly and customizable landing page builder. With the beginning of the NFL season in September, I wrote an article that ties the two topics together: Each point in the article uses football language and relates it to creating and optimizing a landing page.

It also holds true to the blogging best practice of keeping the content clear with a list. Not only is the football article a list, but it also relates two seemingly unrelated topics — increasing its chances of being shared on social media.

This example leads me to my next point… 2. Click To Tweet Let the yearly calendar assist you and relate the event to your business. Give people time to find it, and then act on it, before the current event has already happened. This strategy is a little different than newsjacking, because you know these calendar events are happening in advance.

Example One of my previous employers operates in the payments industry and their biggest target market is auto dealers. And for auto dealers, tax refund season can be a holiday of down payments for them.

Generating creative ways to encourage car shoppers to place a down payment is a constant struggle. Car down payments are big ticket items, so reminding auto dealer General Managers that car shoppers may have additional income to spend via tax refunds was an easy talking point.

Once I began researching and learned that taxpayers use their refunds on big ticket items like a new vehicle the article almost wrote itself. What upcoming calendar event can you tie together with your business? The opportunities are endless! But your blog is also a place for your prospects to learn more about you.

This trust is not only displayed in the articles themselves, but also when you respond to blog comments.

topics to write a blog post about webinar

This is a perfect example how a blog can develop trust with its readers. You could write an article that explained the top grass types to plant in each type of climate.

Your article could detail not only the best camera settings, but also the best locations to capture the perfect image. Example A CoSchedule blog reader asked the following question: Wrapping Up Without brainstorming fresh blog topics, publishing great content can be a constant struggle.

The three tips above may not completely fill your content calendarbut they can certainly assist you in creating at least a few articles each month.

What ways do you generate blog topics?

What interests you?

What topics do your readers tend to enjoy more?Tweet to a hashtag for the event, write blog posts promoting it, and ask for people to post their questions or comments beforehand. Also, if you have some type of giveaway or special feature during the webinar, start the buzz early!

Use your company blog to talk about the topics your webinar covers. Write about the topic in broad strokes. Write about the topic in broad strokes. Tease the webinar as the place they can learn more.

Okay. You’ve managed to get your blog up and running and even wrote some blog posts before your site was live (Kudos to you! I never did that! I just wrote a post and published it).

topics to write a blog post about webinar

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