The proposed soda tax the poor and middle class pay the price essay

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The proposed soda tax the poor and middle class pay the price essay

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Friday, April 30, Taxes and Priorities The tension between demands for reduced taxes or reduced tax increases and demands for government services is escalating. Several recent developments highlight the need to find ways for tax and spending decisions to be prioritized. It is in the setting of priorities that answers are found to the challenge of matching government revenues with government expenditures.

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In the first bit of news, opinions were strongly advanced by citizens who attended a public hearing on the budget plan offered by the mayor of Philadelphia. Other speakers at the hearing claimed that the problem arose from overspending during past years.

The ruling, however, does not preclude the BRT from challenging the outcome of that vote, if it turns out as expected in favor of eliminating the BRT. In the third bit of news, according to this Philadelphia Inquirer articlePhiladelphia announced that it would not send police officers to deal with minor vehicle accidents, in order to increase the amount of time police can devote to fighting crime.

There are roughly 68, minor accidents in Philadelphia each year. If the motorists agree to exchange information, no one is injured, and the cars can be driven, the police will not show up.

The proposed soda tax the poor and middle class pay the price essay

Motorists will need to go to the nearest police station or call in the accident by phone. The proposed state budget had counted on those tolls to provide funds to fix roads and bridges and to improve mass transit.

The governor advocates a gross profits tax on oil companies.

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Previously he had planned on leasing the Turnpike. Others have suggested increasing gasoline taxes, motor vehicle registration fees, or real estate transfer taxes, and putting tolls on I, outsourcing highway maintenance, permitting local governments to impose transportation taxes, and paying for state police from sources other than the Motor License Fund.

Good Idea or Bad? They should not be permitting students to walk out of class.

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What ties all of these stories together is that they are just a few of the many fronts on which the, sorry, collision between tax resistance and demand for services demonstrates its seriousness.

The problem is a bit more complicated, though, than most advocates on either side of the debate seem willing to admit. Sound bites are difficult to create when an issues resists being dumbed down to simplistic themes.

For example, the problem in Philadelphia involves not only the question of tax increases and reduced spending, but also the matter of special tax breaks. What would have happened had the moratorium on new construction taxes not been enacted or if it is repealed?

The proposed soda tax the poor and middle class pay the price essay

What would have happened had particular corporations not received special tax breaks? Or would the corporations continued to do business in the city because there were no practical alternatives? Would new construction have ground to a halt?

Does one dollar of a special tax break bring, in present value terms, the equivalent of one dollar of tax revenue from other sources? Have independent studies been undertaken with respect to the specific special interest tax breaks that Philadelphia enacted?The $ head tax proposal was the result of months of work by the city’s progressive revenue task force, which was appointed after a last year’s budget process and charged with coming up with a proposal to tax businesses to pay for homeless services and affordable housing.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. In Tax Lessons from New Jersey, I described the battle over taxes that has enveloped the state of New the latest chapter in this ongoing drama, as reported in this Philadelphia Inquirer article, voters in 59 percent of school districts rejected the budgets proposed by their respective school is the highest rejection rate since 09/09/ Barack Obama unveils plan to cut tax for middle class but who pays?

09/09/ [-] Obama tells Congress to cut taxes in plan 09/09/ [-] Rex Nutting Cutting taxes or red tape won't create jobs. City officials want to address an academic achievement gap between children from poor and middle-class families that research shows is already evident by the age of 18 months.

A central part of that mission is educating a workforce that historically has been paid and treated like babysitters. The Proposed Soda Tax: The Poor and Middle Class Pay the Price Why must the poor and middle class suffer whenever money is needed to fund some programs or fix the deficit?

People are stripped to the bone already, what with the Enron scandal and Bernie Madoff making off with millions of citizens savings.

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