The effectiveness of diabetic alert dogs

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The effectiveness of diabetic alert dogs

What is a Diabetic Alert Dog?

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Diabetic Alert Dogs are trained to alert diabetic owners in advance of low hypoglycemia or high hyperglycemia blood sugar events before they become dangerous. A Diabetic Alert Dog is specifically trained to react to the chemical change produced by blood sugar highs and lows.

Diabetic Alert Dogs can provide emotional security and a sense of balance for individuals and for those who have loved ones with diabetes. How does a Diabetic Alert Dog work? Our bodies are a unique makeup of organic chemicals - all of which have very specific smells. Our training process positively motivates these dogs to alert when these odors are detected.

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How does the process work for aquiring a Diabetic Alert Dog? Can I take my dog into public places? For more information on U.

Financial assistance and payment plans are available. We will tailor a financial arrangement to meet your specific needs. We believe that finances should not get in the way of your obtaining a Diabetic Alert Dog and ensuring your well-being.

The effectiveness of diabetic alert dogs

How old are your dogs when they are placed? We understand the desire of wanting to train a personal pet for service work. How long does it take to get a dog? What breeds of dogs are available? There are several factors that go into choosing which dogs enter our program.

We extensively evaluate our dogs based on these factors and not by breed alone. Therefore many different breeds may be available, please contact us for further details regarding breeds that qualify. Do you provide a guarantee? Our dogs come with a training guarantee for the entire working life of the dog.

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What is included with my dog? All necessary equipment including: Do I have to live in a certain region or state in order to receive a Diabetic Alert Dog? We place dogs in all 50 states and Canada. Do I have to pick up my dog or travel for training?

The effectiveness of diabetic alert dogs

Our all-inclusive pricing includes delivery to your home. We provide a minimum of two days in-home placement and transitional training. What if I have questions after I receive my dog? We pride ourselves on client satisfaction and are committed to your support throughout the entire lifetime of your dog.

Where do you get your dogs? All our new recruits are put through an extensive evaluation period before ever entering our training program. We do not use "puppy mills" or pet stores to acquire our dogs.Epilepsy simply refers to repeated initiativeblog.comes may occur as a one time event in an animal from a variety of causes, but only if the seizures repeat again and again over a period of time do we call it initiativeblog.comes are a sign of brain disease the same way a cough is a sign of lung disease.

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Find more articles like Diabetes Alert Dogs: Buyer Beware on Diabetes Forecast®, the Healthy Living Magazine. If your cat's phosphorus level (in blood tests) is over 6 mg/dl (USA) or over mmol/L (international), it is too high and you need to get it under control..

Diabetic Alert Dogs of America | FAQs

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