The cross cultural opportunities of my life in geneva

GSD blog When deciding on where to attend university, I came to the realization that I have never been one to follow the typical education system, which was why GSD first appealed to me.

The cross cultural opportunities of my life in geneva

The cross cultural opportunities of my life in geneva

I stepped to the side as quickly as possible and I almost lost my footing. His irritation was visible as his mouth scrunched into a ball of disgust.

I was meandering down what I thought was a wide sidewalk that turned out to be a bike path. After only ten minutes in Uppsala, I had already broken the cardinal rule of Scandinavia: This first cross-cultural miscommunication was my only negative experience in Uppsala.

Uppsala is arguably the student capital of Sweden and its youthful population helps foster the dynamic and exciting atmosphere. Are you curious about how to imitate a real Swedish student?

These are essential items in Swedish daily life. There is a high possibility that your day will include cycling through the snow during the winter. This may well be the Swedish national sport. The Law of Jante, which is popular in other Scandinavian countries, inspires the Swedish pack mentality.


Basically, the community is more important than individuals and no one is more important than the other. It is quite rare to hear a Swedish person boast of their achievements even if they have circumnavigated the globe on water skis.

Swedes are also very polite and soft spoken. Uppsala University is the oldest institution of higher education in Sweden and is one of the most prestigious European universities. It is also the oldest library in Sweden but has a distinctly modern Scandinavian design flare.

While some traditional study halls remain, most students study on the comfortable modern sofas on the first floor. Carolina Rediviva also has a small museum dedicated to books and it contains some of the oldest manuscripts in history, including the Codex Argentus-a Bible translation into Gothic print from the 6th century.

Entry is 20 SEK for adults and free for children and students. This is the perfect time to indulge in the Swedish tradition of fika.

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This verb literally means to take a break. While Sweden is mostly famous for its meatballs, it also has a wide array of cakes and pastries for a traditional fika.

Cinnamon rolls kanelbulle are a necessity at any coffee break and punschrulle — a small pastry stuffed with cookie bits and cocoa and covered in green marzipan with its ends dipped in chocolate.

Uppsala has its fair share of cute coffee shops. My favourite was in Carolina Rediviva and it has a variety of traditional sweets and lunches with student prices. The atmosphere was quaint with its friendly barista and mismatched chairs.


It fills up quickly so grab a spot before the lunch crowd arrives at around There is an interesting historical site around every corner of the city with many learning opportunities for tourists and residents alike. It is hard to be bored in Uppsala. European cities are famous for their churches and palaces.

This Gothic-style goliath dates back to the 13th century and its long black spires make it the tallest church in Scandinavia.

It is an imposing and formidable presence in the heart of Uppsala and inside is almost as stunning as the exterior. Another must-see is the Uppsala Castle Uppsala Slott. This palace overlooks all of Uppsala on a hill in the downtown core.

There has been a royal residence in this spot since the 16th century and some old ruins can still be seen. Nowadays the castle is open to the public for viewing and one of its wings is home to the Uppsala Art Museum.

Check out the University Museum Akademigatan 3 to see a collection of Viking burial artifacts. Curious about pre-modern Sweden? One of the most unique institutions at Uppsala University are nations.

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There are 13 nations some of which date back to the 17th century. It was mandatory for all Uppsala University students to join a nation until My activity as an intercultural trainer and coach is developed in different areas.

Training in companies and organizations in Switzerland (VDF Coaching & Cultures) and Latin America (Be-Human)+ connections. The American Red Cross is a non-profit organization that was created to assist people in time of need regardless nationality, race religious beliefs, class or political opinions.

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The daily life in Geneva revolves mostly around the UN and the international organizations which are spread around the city in a rather chaotic way. People from several different countries have gathered in one place creating a rather unsuccessful mix and match.

May 30,  · Exploratory factor analysis (Tables 2 and and3) 3) revealed slightly different models from the original cross-cultural model. In Tables 4 and and5 5 the results for models forced into three factors to match the cross-cultural model are shown.

This solution revealed a different model in terms of factor positioning, with factor 2 (F2) being the most important in explaining variance. I am grateful to my family, my teachers, my mentors, my elders, and my ancestors for affording me so many opportunities to make a difference. My Seneca culture has, as a central theme, giving thanks.

Every important gathering begins with a thanksgiving address. Richard Duncan was one of the founders of AEA's International and Cross-Cultural Evaluation Topical Interest Group, and a well-appreciated contributor to many AEA sessions promoting cross-cultural international evaluations over the years.

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