The censorship debate

Despite the generally prevailing principle of freedom of speech in democratic countries, it is widel Despite the generally prevailing principle of freedom of speech in democratic countries, it is widely accepted that certain types of speech are not given protection as they are deemed to be of insufficient value compared to the harm, they cause.

The censorship debate

Check new design of our homepage! Media Censorship Pros and Cons: An In-depth Comparison The media is abuzz with debates about media censorship. What are the media censorship pros and cons that everyone keeps talking about? One glimpse at the article below will tell you that there are pertinent points, both for and against the topic of media The censorship debate.

OpinionFront Staff Last Updated: Jun 3, As the world is progressing towards a society without boundaries, the opponents of media censorship feel that censorship in general is a great hindrance to this progression.

But then again, as these various communication media dabble with topics that need not be promoted or talked about at all, the question of censorship arises. Censorship in the Media While most countries have given the freedom of speech and expression of thought to its citizens, some countries try to counter the abuse of this right by some people, by restricting the freedom in reception of this speech and expression.

Basically, while you're allowed to say anything you want and do whatever your heart desires although subject to legal frameworkyou may not be free enough to listen or appreciate others' freedom of speech or action. Doing what you want is fine, as long as the others don't see it.

While each country and each culture monitors the media in one way or the other, the cut-off level which defines what to show and what not to show, differs. There are also different types of censorship. One of the most common criteria is the age limits for viewing different media. Sometimes the censoring can act as a blanket on certain taboo topics, and the definition of a taboo topic would be defined according to the governing authority in the country.

The censorship debate

So, while the levels of media censorship exist, people are still calling for absolute removal of all types of censorship. Then again, other people are also looking to bring in more restrictions.

We don't want our children thinking that it is cool to be all heartless and go on picking off people on the streets. On the contrary, emphasis needs to be made on the fact that killing people is illegal and immoral. Hence the amount of violence the media broadcasts ought to be controlled at least for the kids.

Why should sex be shown on TV? Sex, especially porn, sometimes illustrates a lot of unnatural and at times disturbing videos. It is quite likely that it may again have a negative impact on children who might think it to be true.

Hence, these two topics, sex and violence, ought to be restricted to people who understand and appreciate that all this is fictional. Some countries believe that both smoking and consuming alcohol have a negative effect on the human body and ought not to be advertised anyway.

Which I feel is a fair point. No tobacco or alcohol company in its right mind would ever air the ill effect of the products they are producing. As it is, these companies already enjoy substantial word-of-mouth advertising.Introduction to the Google Censorship Debate The Google Censorship debate surrounds the alleged measures undertaken by the Google Corporation, who is considered to employ the most popular and utilized search engine on the Internet.

With all the talk about censorship running around campus, it would be helpful to get some professional opinions on the matter. What better way of doing so than by hosting a debate between two political science professors? The controversial debate on internet censorship will continue to be a hot topic.

Both sides have relevant points about controlling which content can be accessed and published or not. Other countries like China and Turkey are adamant in banning content which they think are inappropriate.

Even allowing for the extreme problems surrounding freedom of speech, internet censorship would be more or less impossible. Governments can attempt to regulate what is produced in their own country but it would be impossible to regulate material from abroad.

The issues at stake in this debate, protection of children, terrorist activity. Censorship by religion is a form of censorship where freedom of expression is controlled or limited using religious authority or on the basis of the teachings of the religion.

This form of censorship has a long history and is practiced in many societies and by many religions. Seems we've stumbled upon a semantics debate. It really comes down to what you view censorship as. For me, censorship is the restriction of speech, press etc.

committed by a 2nd party to a specific group or persons against their will. Pro believes censorship can be an act of voluntarism.

The censorship debate
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