Strategic analysis new york fries

Alternative strategies and recommended changes Conclusion References Executive summary The following paper is about the New York Red Bulls and their strategic plan for the future.

Strategic analysis new york fries

Strategic analysis new york fries

In addition to this, the paper providesalternatives for the problems highlighted along with the recommendation through justifications. Lastly, the paper gives brief conclusion of the entire paper.

The company needed to develop an international growth strategy for its premium hamburger restaurant chain New York Fries so that it could compete in an international level. Even though New York Fries had been a well-received brand in Canada, but it had yet to decide for its international growth strategy.

The top management of the company needs to find new opportunities while maintaining its premium brand. Analysis SWOT Analysis Strength The financial position of the company had been strong as the graph of its revenues were growing at an ascending order since its inception in the year The fries were made from original potatoes unlike its competitors, while the meatwhich wasused in its hamburgers wasopen to its consumers to view how it is made in its restaurant with original formulas.

The learning curve of the company and its executives washigh as it had the ability to learn from the past failures. The company had also received several awards including the Special Recognition Award for Innovation in energy, while it also received recognition by the Canadian Franchise Association for offering real fries to the world.

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Overall, the company was not affectedby the global recession due to the strategy adopted by the company in targeting malls. The company attained revenues from various sources which included upfront fees from franchisees along with the royalty fees.

This helped the company to maintain a positive cash flow throughout the years. Weaknesses The NYF franchise did not offer variety of products in its menu along with being a premium brand, the company did not had the opportunity to target a broad range of consumers.

Furthermore, although the company had been financially strong and its revenues had been increasing year by year, however,the pace of its revenues had slowed down along with its growth. In Canada, the company had almost reached its market potential as it had opened its various stores in malls and real estates.

The company did not haveother venues and malls for the placement of its brand. Furthermore, the franchisee had difficulties in opening an NYF franchise because they did not realized the potential of the brand.

Companies that understood its potential make steady investment.

Strategic analysis new york fries

Moreover, the company also charged a higher upfront fees from its franchisee which further created barriers for franchisee. Although internationally the impact of global recession had minimum effect on the company, however,the financial position of the company had fallen in the Middle East region.

The company also had previous bad experiences while performing international expansion in Australia and South Korea. Opportunities Since NYF brand has little growth in the current markets, therefore the company has the opportunity to expand the brand in the emerging countries which might include India and China in to increase growth rate and market capitalization.The paper attempts to describe the problems faced by New York Fries’ Executives along with providing a detailed analysis of the company.

Furthermore, thepaper also attempts to provide analysis through the application of SWOT analysis and VRIO analysis in order to determine the company’s internal and external strengths and weaknesses. Job Opportunities at New York State Homes and Community Renewal Build a career while building a better community.

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