Southwest airlines challenge to stay ahead

Here are some highlights. In Rollin King sketched a triangle on a cocktail napkin.

Southwest airlines challenge to stay ahead

Nothing to do with status. Every passenger deserves to be greeted, and the flight attendants for the airline I fly not AA do a really nice job greeting every customer that comes on the plane.

Having flown on over 30 different airlines on every continent this year…most say hello, some do not if busy, does not bother me. Usually another FA will come say hi…its not the end of the world.

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Switch to UA or DL and I bet the same will follow you…because its you, its impossible to not be actually. That you gripe about it, shows whats going on in your head.

Whats in your head is what gets projected back to you. LAX is a mess, deal with it. I am relatively new to the game, only traveling for 10 years, 5 years as Executive Platinum and I will say the majority of time you get back what you put into it.

That will make you a better customer. The baggage delivery situation is inexcusable. Gate holds are frustrating too. This past spring it was American and it was an 1: The staff always seem unhappy. Sort of like a dark cloud hanging over the place! PHL are so helpful and friendly: Alaskan will probably jump into the fray as well as their merger works out.

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It never does because people just end up driving more. No matter how much extra juice you can squeeze out of this particular rock, congestion will stay roughly constant. LA and New York are more local markets fragmented between dozens of airlines great and small.

I would think that if there were more gates for everyone, a lot of the current issues would be lessened.

The Basic Method

Atlanta could run out of letters with which to name new concourses before running out of space to build them on. LAX will always be stuck with more or less what it has. Fill up the bus at departure time and take it straight to the airplane.

Southwest airlines challenge to stay ahead

The nest is small jets; serving them directly from the terminal would be just 1—2 buses per jet, requiring lots of bus gates at the terminal, with long queues.

The midfield hardstands are widebodies, with each bus serving just one plane. Earlier this year I took a shuttle bus from Bradley to my plane parked at one of the hardstands at the far west end of the field.Love it or hate it, Southwest Airlines has a unique seating process.

Where most airlines will assign you an exact seat, Southwest gives you a boarding number and you can choose any open seat on the plane. A judge said CNN had a good chance of prevailing at trial on due-process grounds.

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Meanwhile, workers at Southwest Airlines and Delta Air Lines have been battling with upper management for better pay, rejecting recent labor contracts. On top of that, investors are losing faith.

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There was a big event in a hidden room in the bowels of Terminal 5 at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) last week.

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