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Popular science magazine bussiness

Image The Robot Uprising is coming. Supplied IN APRILPopular Science magazine predicted that we would one day be driving gyroscopic motorcycles — sitting high inside a massive wheel — that could reach speeds of mph kmh.

Some, like the prediction of a camera that can measure you for a new suit, came true. An ecstatic man rides the surf on his personal jet-drive aquaplane.

Well, a guy built one and put his plans in Popular Science, but this is one little piggy that never made it to market.

You know it as the jet ski. A man pedals his way into flight. The cover depicts the Puffin — a British-built human-powered plane that, inflew nearly ft mmaking it the most successful plane of its type at that time. The award ultimately went to American engineer Paul MacCready, whose pretty similar-looking Gossamer Condor completed the mandatory figure-eight flight course in And while some of the predicted features such as the ability to take off from water never came to fruition, this depiction of a multideck airliner is quite close to at least one in our present-day reality: Amazingly, more predictions than not came true: Mobile phones were featured on the cover as early asand Popular Science imagined an early prototype of a video game way back in Powered by a horsepower engine, this 14ft-tall 4mpound kg vehicle had two gyroscopic wheels that were supposed to help it turn and maintain equilibrium.

Its inventor later committed suicide. A couple tours the deep in a mini bubble sub.

Popular science magazine bussiness

Supplied While some covers were depictions of early-stage inventions at the time, others were conceived from scratch. Is this craft or rocket [or whatever] seeking to solve a big problem, or to push through a barrier? What is the driving force behind it?

We always reward motivation and ambition. But there was no guarantee of their becoming real when the magazine featured them on the cover.

'Popular Science' Introduces Tours Business 03/19/

Now a quarterly magazine, Popular Science is still attempting to predict the future with recent covers exploring genetic engineering and human immortality. Very often, what ends up happening through the course of history is that we land somewhere in the middle. A nuclear family enjoys the warmth of a DIY air-bubble sunport.Popular Science puts the latest news in gadgets, software, and scientific innovation in the palm of your hand!

(Popular Science publishes 6 bi-monthly issues annually.) If you'd like to receive future offers for free subscriptions to magazines such as Popular Science, please submit your email address in the form below.

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1 Popular Science:

Anandalok (Bengali: আনন্দলোক) Anandamela Safari – monthly science magazine; Shabdasrishti; Hindi Akhand.

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