Paper bead bracelets

Small glass beads in multiple colors Directions Step 1: Create a design with markers on the white paper.

Paper bead bracelets

The colors, shapes and shininess — the feel and sound of them, I just had to make more!!

I am super excited about the project I’m showing you today – it turned out just as awesome as I pictured it. I made paper beads using just a few supplies I’m sure you have on hand. Paper beading is my absolute favorite of all crafts. It’s a brilliant hobby for many reasons. It is probably the least expensive craft there is because you can make some beautiful pieces of jewelry from your own art, as I have done here or from waste paper. Find great deals on eBay for paper bead bracelet. Shop with confidence.

When Paper bead bracelets make my paper beads I use two coats of Mod Podge and then another two coats of Vibrance to make them extra shiny and glass-like. Check out this great video tutorial: Make sure and subscribe to my updates email list to be notified when the tips and tricks page is available.

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For Christmas this year I decided to make a few paper bead bracelets to give as gifts. I ended up making three of them using known favorite colors, and one was made out of pages of an old ancient bible wearable scripture! Normally I make my paper beads from coordinating pieces of scrapbook paper.

By paying attention to the ends of the papers, you can get a feel for what the beads will look like when finished. Remember, you will only see one end or the other of the paper, so choose the end that you think will look the best for the tapered end.

When I decided to make a piece of wearable Christian art as a gift, I used a page from an ancient bible.

Paper bead bracelets

The bible page was really thin and short so I had to use 3 or 4 strips of the page for each bead. I think they look great with the slight brown tones on the edges coming from the aged paper. I added a small key charm to the bracelet using a jump ring to signify the Word being the key to life.

The other two paper bead bracelets I made were based on the receivers favorite colors. Both of these bracelets were strung on stretchy string, which made the assembly super easy! For the lime green and black one, I made a larger focal bead and added a tiny strip of the coordinating black paper around the middle.

I was planning on adding a very thin stripe of silver nail polish on each side of that strip of paper to kind of set it off, but I ran out of time. I think it still turned out pretty good without it. My favorite color is pink, so making pink paper beads is extra fun for me. The final bracelet I made as a gift was a pink and black one.

The focal bead in this bracelet was made from thicker glitter scrapbook paper that I bought at Walmart.

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It makes extra fat beads because of the thickness of the paper. I also bought some of the same paper in black, and also in white. Want your own handmade wearable art paper bead bracelet?

With some time and supplies you can make your own, or I can make one for you! Choose your colors and style and leave the rest to me. Order your own bracelet in my handmade craft boutique.Sep 09,  · To make paper beads, cut narrow triangles out of paper.

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The width of the base will be the width of the bead, and the longer the triangle is, the fatter the bead will be. Once the triangles are cut, put a little glue at the tip of the triangle, and put a toothpick at the base%(15).

Each bead was then strung onto clear elastic thread and – voila – a bracelet was born. When I got home, I decided to take the project one step further and designed my own paper using markers, basic white copy paper, and my imagination. For one recycled paper, glass and silver bead bracelet (similar to the two pictured below), you will need: 1 page from an old magazine, junk mail, calendar, brochure or a piece of gift wrapping paper- suggest choosing a colors you enjoy and one with a glossy finish.

Don't worry about words on the page! How To Make Paper Beads History of Paper Bead Making: Making paper beads is a traditional craft that goes back, in England at least, as far as the Victorian age.

Young ladies would gather socially in their dining rooms, whilst making handmade paper beads from scraps of wallpaper rolled on knitting needles.

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Paper bead bracelets

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