New stadium essay

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New stadium essay

History Early history Prior to playing at Michigan Stadium, Michigan played its games at Ferry Fieldwhich at its peak could seat 40, people.

New stadium essay

Fielding Yost recognized the need for a larger stadium after original expansions to Ferry Field proved to be too small, and persuaded the regents to build a permanent stadium in Fashioned after the Yale Bowlthe original stadium was built with a capacity of 72, However, at Yost's urging, temporary bleachers were added at the top of the stadium, increasing capacity to 82, The new stadium was then formally dedicated three weeks later in a contest against Ohio State on October Michigan had spoiled the formal dedication of Ohio Stadium in Columbus five years earlier and was victorious again, besting the Buckeyes 21—0 before a standing-room-only crowd of 84, Inelectronic scoreboards were installed, making the stadium the first in the United States to use them to keep the official game time.

The one "extra seat" in Michigan Stadium is said to be reserved for Fritz Crislerathletic director at the time.

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It was the first time Michigan had a football game called because of lightning. The stadium was evacuated at 6: The project included replacement of some bleachers, widening of aisles and individual seats, installing hand rails, and the addition of a new press box, 83 luxury boxesand 3, club seats.

The renovation plan garnered opposition from students, alumni, and fans around the country, which waned as the renovation neared external completion. Renovations in April caused that year's University of Michigan graduation ceremony to be moved to the Diag.

The lights were first used at the men's hockey game on December 11, The following season saw the stadium's first night football game on September 10, Initially, all seating consisted of wooden bleachers.

These were replaced with permanent metal seating in by Fritz Crisler, athletic director at the time. From tothe stadium's field was natural grass.

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This was replaced with 3M TartanTurf in to give players better traction. However, this surface was thought to be unforgiving on players' joints, and the stadium returned to natural grass in This too became problematic, as the field's below-surface location near the water table made it difficult for grass to permanently take root.

The field was converted to FieldTurfan artificial surface designed to give grass-like playing characteristics, in On September 7,Michigan Stadium drew a crowd ofto see Michigan defeat Notre Dame 41—30, which at the time represented a post NCAA collegiate football attendance record.

Soccer attendances as a crowd ofwatched a International Champions Cup match on July 30, where Real Madrid defeated Chelsea and a crowd ofwatched a International Champions Cup match on July 28, where Liverpool defeated Manchester United Highest attendance at Michigan Stadium Rank.Minnesota United’s Allianz Field Construction: A Photo Essay.

I know not everyone has an MLS stadium being built one half mile from their house like I do. So here are some photos to give you perspective on the progress of the Loons’ new home, which is in the Union Park neighborhood of St.

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Institutional Liability. The University will not be responsible for damage to or loss of personal belongings, which are a result of fire, wind, water, insects, rodents, vandalism, or theft. Stadium Essay Ownership Stadium is a multi-brand sports specialty retail store owned by Royal Sporting House Limited, an international retailer and distributor of leading brand-names in lifestyle products.

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Jan 05,  · The owner of the St. Louis Rams plans to build an NFL stadium in Inglewood, which could pave the way for the league's return to Los Angeles. Rams owner Stan Kroenke, who bought 60 acres adjacent.

New stadium essay
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