Lockdown escape from furnace book report

Furnace — Lockdown by Alexander Gordon Smith who have been framed, others cold-blooded killers—Alex plans an escape. Escape from Furnace is the United States title of the series. In the United Kingdom the series is known as "Furnace".

Lockdown escape from furnace book report

Alexander Gordon SmithPresentation By: Escape from Furnace by Alexander Gordon Smith. It has a total of pages. It is part of a series. The series is called Furnace.

There are five books in the series; Lockdown, Solitary, and Death Sentence. Those are the only ones announced at this time. Basic InformationOne of the characters in the story is Alex. Alex was put in Furnace because he was mistakenly framed of murder. Another character in the story is Toby.

Toby and Alex were robbing somebody when Toby was shot. This is when Alex was accused of the murder. Toby is now coming back as a spirit to help Alex. Another character is the Warden.

The Warden is in charge of Furnace. The setting of the story is Furnace, which is a prison below Hell. The point of view of the story is 1st person told by Alex. Key DetailsThe first Key Detail is when Alex a 14 year old boy who is in a prison called Furnace tries to escape with his friend.

This is the beginning of the book and they try to run away by going out through the river. They think that the river is the way out.

Lockdown escape from furnace book report

Unfortunately the Warden catches them. The Warden throws them into Solitary. To get into the solitary there is a door on the ground.

Then they just open the door and climb into the small hole in the ground. They are thrown into two different solitaries right next to each other. This relates to the story because then they get thrown into Solitary it interrupts their escape.

The second Key Detail is when they figure out a way to communicate between each other. They would communicate by spelling out words. The would hit the side of their box once for the letter A, twice for the letter B, three times for the letter C and so on.

This relates to the story because now they are able to make a plan to escape. The third Key Detail is when they get out of the solitary and find a cave. They got out of solitary because Alexs friend Toby who died came back as a spirit and let them out.

The cave has a very tall roof and they think if they climb it that they will be able to escape. They get ropes and try, but it is unsuccessful. This relates to the story because now they have to find another way to try to escape. RelationshipsLevel 3One stated relationship is Zee and Alex.

The relationship between Zee and Alex is that they are really good friends. A lot of people are afraid to stand up and fight against the bad people in Furnace. But Alex and Zee are friends who will fight for their lives together.Escape from Furnace 2: Escape from Furnace 1: Lockdown Alexander Gordon Smith.

Kindle Edition. $ Escape from Furnace 5: Execution Outstanding when you read it it is like a action movie in your head and is just as good as the first book: The Furnace. Read more. Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them.

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Lockdown Escape From Furnace Book Report