Ifg green ict energy

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Ifg green ict energy

However, a recent survey across local government, conducted by LGITU Local Government IT in Use magazine in conjunction with CIMA Chartered Institute of Management Accountantshighlighted that the majority of respondents feel their local authority does not have a clear understanding of the green impacts of its current or future operations.

Without a clear understanding of impacts, it is difficult to identify appropriate actions. It is clear from the survey results that green issues are of importance to local government, and the majority of respondents felt that their council is committed to going green.

Ifg green ict energy

However, in digging a little deeper, the survey results generally reflect what we are seeing in the Ifg green ict energy sector. Few organisations, in either the public or the private sector, have really integrated sustainability into strategy, and fewer still are involving the finance team.

A contributing factor may be that there is little consistency as to who leads on green issues, both at a strategic and operational level.

In a significant number of cases, there appears to be no senior officer responsible for steering direction of green issues at all. It is important that all organisations have a clear vision in relation to green issues and related strategic objectives and associated performance are regularly communicated throughout the organisation.

As both a large consumer of energy, and primary resources, and as an enabler for environmental and cultural change, Government sees ICT of critical importance with respect to the reduction of CO2 emissions. All of this matters enormously, since; the UK Government has set a target for the central government office estate to achieve carbon neutrality by In line with this overall target, the vision is that the energy consumption of Government ICT on the office estate will also be carbon neutral bysubstantially beyond this however, is the pledge that byGovernment ICT will be carbon neutral across its lifecycle.

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This low level of awareness, would suggest the achievement of targets, especially in local authorities, is highly unlikely. Where councils have technology specific green initiatives underway, these include: Finance professionals have a key role to play in driving momentum to deliver these long term ICT goals, providing vital business intelligence to support strategy and influence long-term decision making.

However, it seems that finance teams currently have limited involvement in driving the green agenda forward. This finding has been echoed in the results of CIMAs own survey carried out in July which can be found at www.

There is surprisingly little engagement of the finance team in activities such as sustainable procurement, tracking performance measures, preparing carbon footprint calculations, carbon accounting and budgeting, and sustainability reporting.

CIMA would like to see this situation change over time, with organisations making better use of the skill sets of finance professionals. As an example, when it comes to capital expenditure and investment decisions, including those relating to ICT processes and technologies, it is important that organisations apply the principles of sustainable procurement and consider long-term implications — financial, environmental and social - rather than just short-term costs.

Finance teams should be involved in investment appraisal exercises, applying tools such as whole-life costing, and looking at the entire value chain.

For example, the procurement of IT equipment should not only be based on the up-front cost of the hardware. Other considerations should include: It is important to encourage a change in mind set, from the top downwards, so that decisions made are based on the best long-term financial return and the lowest environmental impact.

The full results of the local government survey can be found at www.Green computing – Green computing, Green ICT as per IFG International Federation of Green ICT and IFG Standard, green IT, or ICT sustainability, is the study and practice of environmentally sustainable computing or IT. Green computing is important for all classes of systems, ranging from systems to large-scale data centers.

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Ifg green ict energy

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Green computing, Green ICT as per IFG International. Federation of Green ICT and IFG Standard, green IT, or ICT sustainability, is the study and practice of environmentally sustainable computing or. The latest Tweets from IFG Green Standard (@IFGStandard).

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