Comparative study of depression anxiety and stress among cancer patients

Psychosocial factors and survival after diagnosis of inoperable non-small cell lung cancer. Suicidality in terminally ill Japanese patients with cancer.

Comparative study of depression anxiety and stress among cancer patients

Abstract Purpose This study examines the impact of different modes of treatment on depression, anxiety, traumatic stress and quality of life in colorectal cancer patients and their partners. Methods The sample was comprised of oncology patients and 67 partners.

Psychological and Sexual Aspects of Gynecologic Cancer

All patients were diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Participants were recruited from an Oncology Hospital in the North of Portugal and had been submitted to three modes of treatment: Results The results showed that patients who received only surgery, as treatment, had lower levels of depression, anxiety and traumatic stress symptoms when compared with patients who received surgery and chemotherapy or surgery plus radiotherapy.

Partners of surgical patients presented lower levels of state anxiety and traumatic stress symptoms when compared with the other two groups.

Patients with more depression had partners also more depressed. No relationship was found between anxiety and traumatic stress symptoms in patients and partners.

Patients who received a diagnosis longer than 12 months had more traumatic stress, intrusion and hypervigilance. Patients with illness recurrence showed more traumatic symptoms.

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Conclusion This study highlights the importance of providing psychological interventions for cancer patients and their partners.

Chemotherapy patients and those diagnosed over a year, as well as their partners, are more at risk. Previous article in issue.Results furthermore suggest that assessed mental health problems among whistleblowers, about 85% were suffering from severe or very severe anxiety, depression, agoraphobia symptoms, interpersonal sensitivity and distrust, or sleeping problems, were rather persistent.

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Study of Anxiety and Depression among Breast Cancer Patients from North India Vivek Srivastava1, Mumtaz Ahmad Ansari1, Anand Kumar1, Agni Gautam Shah1, Rakesh Kumar Meena1, Prasant Sevach1 and Om Prakash Singh2 1Department of General Surger y, Institute of Medial Sciences, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India .

Importance. Depression is among the leading causes of disability in persons 15 years and older. It affects individuals, families, businesses, and society and is common in patients seeking care in the primary care setting.

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Comparative study of depression anxiety and stress among cancer patients

Despite the importance of depression or anxiety screening in cancer patients, there is no previous study dealing with the prevalence of these psychological disorders among cancer patients in Babol, therefore this research was performed to assess depression and anxiety in these patients.

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