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The collating device includes a reading device for reading a frame number for identifying the frame image on the film, and a printing device for printing the frame number which has been read by the reading device on the printing paper on which has been printed the image on the film which corresponds to that frame number. The frame numbers of the film are printed on the printing paper on which have been printed the images on the film. In consequence, the print images on the printing paper are easily made to correspond to the corresponding frame images on the film, and designation of the frames is facilitated.

Collating paper

Collating & Slip Sheeting FAQ

It combines speed, reliability and ease of use to deliver productive and cost effective collating every time; with every feature contributing to overall efficiency. The Vario is the only truly modular vertical collating system in the world.

Buy exactly the machine configuration you need now, confident that you can upgrade or add to the machine in the future. Choose between air-assisted friction feed and the patented SlimVAC rotary suction feeder. Or choose a combination of feeder types, up to 16 per tower, to suit your application.

Whichever feed type you choose, precise and reliable feeding ensures high productivity. Easy to use and Operator Friendly The Vario is unmatched in its operator friendly and efficient use of space. You can load, unload and operate the entire system from one position, even when booklet making.

This saves space, saves time and reduces operator fatigue.

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The Vario also gives you far better height efficiency than other collators, meaning more bins are within easy reach. Job settings and memories are applied across the entire system for greater ease of use and fast set-up.

Productivity is enhanced by preset sizes, flexible bin linking, multi-set programming and batch insertion. Add to that the on-screen help and multiple language options, and you can see why the Watkiss user interface is the envy of the industry.

Collating paper

Bench-top Collators For smaller applications, the Vario can be configured as a bench-top collator; still with the professional specification and performance of the rest of the Vario range.

A variety of configurations give smaller users 'big-machine' performance. Special Applications Special applications, including selective feeding, customised sets and integration within other systems are available.

Advanced programming features allow you to programme special feed sequences on-screen without the need for an external computer.

Alternatively, external communication with other machines or systems via RS, Ethernet or CAN is supported if required. Simply match the modules to your needs.Prosperity Paper Product Co.

Ltd is a modern enterprise which is integrating develop,production,sales and service.

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We have employees, 5 top manager, 18 senior technician, 56 middle rank technician. Vario™ Collating System. Everything about the Watkiss Vario™ has been designed to help you, your business, your operators and your profitability.

Superior Paper Handling. Vario feeders are centre referenced, so the feed is always balanced and central on the sheet, regardless of the paper size. Col-Tec Solutions high performance collators have virtually unlimited potential for collation of stocks including film, plastics, bank, bond & art paper, board and the heaviest stocks.

Collating definition, to gather or arrange in their proper sequence (the pages of a report, the sheets of a book, the pages of several sets of copies, etc.). See more. The figures collated from the market demonstrated that the total contributions generated by takaful companies had increased from $7.

Takaful firms are increasing The consultation period will run for 14 weeks to mid-November and the responses will be collated and analysed and presented to the Welsh Assembly Government by the . Collating document sets, brochures or paper for invoicing can be one of the most tedious jobs in an office.

For that reason, we are proud to offer several collating options including the Martin Yale CL6 six station collating machine as well as larger industrial options from Standard Horizon and MBM.

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