Chinas investment in africa essay

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Chinas investment in africa essay

Africa is a very important place for china as the country considers positioning itself among the fast developing nations. Africa is a region full of resources that plays an important role in the area of economic growth in China. Investors from china believe that Africa is a region full of development to their economy.

The cooperation between Africa and china dates back to many years, when studying and examining the current African relationship with the world order globally one recognizes the contradictions and the complexities in the fast changing and long period engagements between Africa and china.

We can trace back the beginning of the relationship that started way back in when a conference was held in Bandung, Indonesia that was aimed at promoting cultural and economic cooperation.

Free Essay: China’s Presence in Africa China has long been known as a nation that has been a part of every history of each country around the globe. The. China’s Investment in Africa Essay. Words 13 Pages. CONTENTS I. INTRODUCTION 2 II. HISTORY OF CHINA IN AFRICA 4 III. THE POSITIVE OUTCOMES 6 IV. CAUSE FOR WORRY 10 V. CONCLUDING THOUGHTS 13 Investment in South Africa. Chinas Foreign Direct Investment In Mauritius Dissertation Title. The conveyed topic has been formulated into the following research problem: “Are the determinants of FDI in Sub-Saharan Africa and Mauritius different to China than for the rest of the world?”.

This became an identity and a center of cooperation between China and Africa, and it Chinas investment in africa essay also where china met movements of liberation from Africa Berger, Chinese companies found their way in Africa utilizing the natural resources and increasing their strong hold on trade with the rest of the world.

China has also supported corrupt governments and regimes in Africa that endorse their policies of cooperation and allow them to invest in their countries.

The 3 Reasons Why Chinese Invest in Africa | Investopedia

Debts have been cancelled and more aids and investments have found their way in the hands of corrupt regimes in Africa. The need for energy and new market exploring opportunities are some of the major factors that the Chinese government has been keenly following.


The Chinese government defines its cooperation with Africa as to strengthen the cooperation and solidarity in the international scene and continue with exchange of views.

Secondly, china wanted to establish market for the export for its communication offerings, apparel and light manufacturing services. The African markets are dominated by the low cost motorcycles that have been manufactured in China and exported to Africa.

Consumer goods and many more electronics have also found there way in the African market from China. In RamosHe terms it as a new attitude that is focused towards the global balance of development, power and politics.

It actually values the international relations and political multilateralism concept. It gives first priority to peaceful and mutual co-existence that differs with the American style of Democracy, poverty eradication and good governance.

The essence of the Chinese investment in Africa brought about the social growth objectives and foreign policy that were guiding and creating room for investing without any strings attached.

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The Chinese competitively bid for resources and construction of projects in Africa using investment and loans for the infrastructure. The loans that they offered were advanced at no percent interest or sometimes the repayments were done by giving them the natural resources.

The Chinese do not impose the neo-liberal reform package that is usually required as a conditionality provision by the World Bank. China has taken over a number of investments that were began by the western powers and left without being completed.

There are many disadvantages of the involvement of China in the African market, one of them being the standard of their education. Many Africans joining the Chinese institutions have complained of discrimination from the Chinese people.

Although the Chinese business in Africa in based on a non-interference policy and working with any government in place posed a great danger to the African people as the Chinese government ended up working and collaborating with illegitimate governments and ones which were highly contested.

China increased its investments in Africa because some countries lacked legitimate governments and china only focused on its policies and principles of investment African Development Bank GroupChina has found vacuum in states where foreign western powers have withdrawn their support to the governments because of poor governance.

China saw this as a great opportunity to come in and increase its engagements and leverage in those countries.

Chinas investment in africa essay

The Chinese government made sure that the policies that existed before between the china government and the current regime are adhered to and approved by the government in place. China ended up pouring more money in the African market with hopes that one day it will generate profit back to china.

The African governments have been faced by a huge task of choosing between what may be of interest to its people and what can also hurt its people. Some of the choices they make go against the national interest and how much they rely on china to meet some of the regimes needs.

Some African nations are also faced by challenges of identifying which states to cooperate with and they find none, so they have no choice but to only cooperate with the china government.China’s Investment in Africa Essay Words | 13 Pages.


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THE POSITIVE OUTCOMES 6 IV. For example, China is now a patron nation. In the year , China released a policy i.e. China Africa Policy, which was meant to strengthen the very old China-Africa relationship. China had been involved with Africa since 's but now this involvement has increased many folds and is totally different.

Learn about the increasing level of foreign direct investment by China in Africa, and understand the major reasons for China's African investments. China’s official statistics on the country’s overseas direct investment (ODI) in Africa reveal a number of paradoxes.

The 3 Reasons Why Chinese Invest in Africa | Investopedia

Simply put, China’s investment in Africa is both big and small. Buy China’s investment in Africa essay paper online Introduction For many years now, the growing and fast rising financial, social, and political and the position of the Republic of China in the region of Africa has been given considerations by many people as an influential thing.

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