Bachelor thesis 3d animation

This knowledge will enable students to work with a variety of other disciplines and artists and expand their potential on the global stage. Students complete a number of real-world projects with students not only in their own discipline, but also in all other SAE disciplines. Stage II has three studio modules with projects based on the following areas; 1.

Bachelor thesis 3d animation

Biography[ edit ] Sutherland earned his Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from the Carnegie Institute of Technology now Carnegie Mellon Universityhis master's degree from Caltechand his Ph.

Bachelor thesis 3d animation

He invented Sketchpad in while at MIT. Among others on his thesis committee were Marvin Minsky and Steven Coons.

Bachelor thesis 3d animation

Sketchpad was an innovative program that influenced alternative forms of interaction with computers. Sketchpad could accept constraints and specified relationships among segments and arcs, including the diameter of arcs. It could draw both horizontal and vertical lines and combine them into figures and shapes.

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Figures could be copied, moved, rotated, or resized, retaining their basic properties. Sketchpad also had the first window-drawing program and clipping algorithm, which allowed zooming. Sketchpad, in turn, was influenced by the conceptual Memex as envisioned by Vannevar Bush in his influential paper " As We May Think ".

Work with student Danny Cohen in led to the development of the Cohen—Sutherland computer graphics line clipping algorithm. Inwith his students Bob SproullQuintin Foster, Danny Cohenand others he created the first head-mounted display that rendered images for the viewer's changing pose, as sensed by The Sword of Damoclesthus making the first virtual reality system.

A prior system, Sensorama[6] [7]used a head-mounted display to play back static video and other sensory stimuli.

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The optical see-through head-mounted display used in Sutherland's VR system was a stock item used by U. From toSutherland was a professor at the University of Utah. In he co-founded Evans and Sutherland with his friend and colleague David C.

The company did pioneering work in the field of real-time hardware, accelerated 3D computer graphicsand printer languages. From to he was the Fletcher Jones Professor of Computer Science at California Institute of Technologywhere he was the founding head of that school's Computer Science department.

He then founded a consulting firm, Sutherland, Sproull and Associates, which was purchased by Sun Microsystems to form the seed of its research division, Sun Labs.

Ivan's elder brother, Bert Sutherlandis also a prominent computer science researcher. Awards[ edit ] Computer History Museum Fellow "for the Sketchpad computer-aided design system and for lifelong contributions to computer graphics and education," [9].Link to College of Arts and Letters Programs Anthropology.

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FSU offers a large selection of online undergraduate programs, including two online computer science programs: a bachelor's of arts and a bachelor's of degrees cover fundamentals of the field, including the structure of information networks and coding languages.

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BACHELOR'S; Design, Animation and Digital Art ECTS credits (including the bachelor's thesis). One credit is equivalent to a study load of hours.

Delivery 2D and 3D animation artist. Audiovisual content designer and . Bachelor Thesis: 3D Conversion for Animated Film. Based on the project about the use of stereoscopy in 3D Animation, the thesis focused on 3D conversion of existing animated films.

That allows additional approaches compared to live-action films because of the computer-based production.

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