A communication plan to provide the right information within tesla

His is a biography replete with all the elements of tragedy. Tesla, a great discoverer of unsurpassed force, became the focal point of old insidious forces intent on destroying the future for the selfish sake of the status quo. Tesla remains a focal point of wonderment, of dream, and of worlds, which yet should be to those who are familiar with his biography.

A communication plan to provide the right information within tesla

What really matters is the future, and how the company intends to meet its challenges. One way we get insight into those plans is by listening in on the quarterly call with financial analysts. He successfully reached out to Musk on Twitter, asking if he could present a crowd-sourced question on behalf of TSLA investors and got, literally, the OK.

So, how did it all turn out? Here are our notes: Elon Musk kicked off the call with a few remarks, beginning with a mention of production gains at the Gigafactory in Sparks, Nevada, which makes battery cells, modules, and packs along with drivetrain components. Now, he says, they are producing up to 3, packs per week while keeping capital expenditures capex under control, with peak hourly production, if sustained, reaching the 5, pack per week level.

Touching on automation, he also discussed his tweet about over-automating some things. He emphasized, though, that the vast majority of production is automated, and that some human handled aspects would eventually given back to machines.

He then gave an amusing example of this. They then reevaluated the need for the mat and found that cabin noise levels were unchanged, so the part was deleted.

Flufferbot, we assume, has been terminated. Overgeneralizing design was another factor responsible for slowing things down. The example for this was given as a port in the front of battery packs to accommodate eventual front-wheel motors. The change in various procedures has seen pack production times reduced from seven hours three weeks ago to under 70 minutes now.

Musk went on to discuss production rates of other parts of the process: General assembly, now with temporarily more humans, should be at the 3, level soon. In particular, he mentioned the number of 3rd-party contracting companies they are using being reduced.

Asked how having more humans affect costs, Musk explains costs should decrease, since it could reduce certain production stations and the number of expensive robot technicians.

The Model Y crossover finally came up for the first time with a question concerning the timing of cap-ex towards that program. As he did last quarter, Musk said there will be some minimal spending this year, relative to revenue, but much more in This was met by a long silence and it seemed the Tesla execs were talking amongst themselves with the line muted.

These questions are so dry. Musk spoke of the importance to trucking companies of the economic competitiveness over aesthetics. He then veered off slightly, bringing up a recent lawsuit by Nikola Motors which claims infringement of its truck design, calling it absurd.

Musk says utilities that work with them really love the battery pack, and went on to tease an announcement of a gigawatt-hour scale project would be coming within a matter of months.

Straubel then admitted they were behind in servicing its residential Powerwall backlog and would be putting more emphasis on that in the second half of the year. Asked about Semi reservations and when it might be produced, Straubel said they were around 2, spoken for at the moment.

Musk emphasized that they were actively selling that product at the moment and that companies were approaching them. In response to a question about when the next factory would be announced, Musk said maybe next quarter, but definitely before the forth quarter.

A communication plan to provide the right information within tesla

He also mentioned that a Gigafactory, which will include vehicle production, for China would also be announced soon. Tune in again in three months for the next call.Tesla Residential Solar Battery Systems - 6 Volt Battery Trickle Charger Tesla Residential Solar Battery Systems Evo 12 Volt Agm Battery 9 .

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A lot has happened in the last month or so, and it seems like the perfect time for another Inside Tesla update. MODEL S IS ON THE ROAD. The ramp up is continuing and we are getting a lot of invaluable information from having all these cars on the road.

We have already logged more than 39, miles on .

New Economy, New Energy, New Leadership: The Lessons from Tesla’s Elon Musk

Wood: My research does not try to determine what the source of this energy is - whether it is within matter itself or whether it is, perhaps, a part of the "Radiant Energy" which Tesla discovered.

About Tesla. Tesla is accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy. We design, manufacture, sell and service the world’s best solar technology, energy storage systems, and electric vehicles, providing customers the opportunity to generate, store and consume energy entirely sustainably.

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